The Vision: Greater India

Photo by Robin McSkelly on Unsplash

“Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.”— Mahatma Gandhi

We envision Greater India, where its people enjoy freedom in every aspect. We envision Greater India, where its people don’t give up on their dreams because of money, family, or backgrounds. And our vision is to help you actualize Greater India by providing you the most powerful tools.

We Indians are fighting a battle every day — a battle of reality. It’s not uncommon to spot pollution, poverty, diseases, crimes, and hunger as we step out of our door every morning. While living the same everyday life, it seems as though none of them will get better in the future.

But is that how it’s supposed to be? Are we content with how things are now? More than 22 crore people in the country are surviving day to day with less than ₹32/day.[1] More than 70 lakh people are unemployed in the COVID-19 crisis. We can’t and shouldn’t let things stay as they are. It’s time for us to change them.

And we are here to provide you the necessary tools to start the change. Let CareerChat be your weapon.


[1] World Economic Forum. (2020). The Global Social Mobility Report 2020 Equality, Opportunity and a New Economic Imperative.



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