The Value: Determination

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” — Mahatma Gandhi

Photo by Dylan Nolte on Unsplash

You and I are on the same boat because we are both determined to work towards Greater India. There is no turning back.

By the same token, Team CareerChat is determined to provide the best toolbox for all of you. However, we are aware that the journey won’t be easy. Our time is limited. Our resources are limited. Nonetheless, with relentless hope, we never cease to move a step forward. We are determined.

Our core value is determination — the quality of believing in and toling for things that others think are impossible. And we believe the following rules entail our solid determination for Greater India:

  • Be obsessed with providing value. Money comes last.
  • Be obsessed with helping others. Two heads are better than one.
  • Decide to be happy with whatever you do. You are also a precious part of our precious plan.
  • Decide to be free from your own box. Don’t limit yourself even before you try.
  • Decide to be responsible. Battles can be won only by committed soldiers.

The list above is only the beginning of our never-ending list. As we continue further in our journey, we’ll encounter new problems. But we are not concerned, for we are determined.

Join our journey.

We are racers.
We are marathoners.
We are CareerChat.

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